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Friday, July 10, 2009


It’s our last day on the blog *sob*.

*Clare strokes her axe lovingly, Chrissy takes another step back*

Thanks to all of you who’ve commented – or tried to, but Blogger has thwarted you! Thanks for the emails, regardless, and we’ll reply to you personally. And many thanks to Kiki, for hosting us!

And if you’re tempted to finish off the week with A QUIZ…
Try these Trivia Questions!!

Clare Trivia:
Where does her pen name come from? (duh…)
What was her FIRST published novel with DSP?
How many sons does she have?
Why do YOU think there is a microwave on her living room floor?

Chrissy Trivia:
What's the name of her overweight cat?
What TWO Dreamspinner anthologies did her work first appear?
Chick flics or scifi?
Which two secondary characters from Drive do you think she should put in a sequel?

Though feel free to email us if you like – with or without the real answers!

And as our swansong…

You can be anywhere on earth - where would it be?

Chrissy: Next to an ocean or waterfront. Any ocean, any waterfront. Must have surf and sand. Black sand even better. LOL.
Clare: My God, I'd say the sea as well. Though mine is a more domestic scene - and I'd need ice cream.

Who would you like to invite to dinner (living or dead)?

Chrissy: I only get to choose one? But…but… I’ll have to go with Bruce Lee. Lots of questions for that man.
Clare: Casanova. I need the inspiration.

What's your most embarrassing possession?

My music collection. I have an entire lifetime worth of LP's (despite no longer having a player with a needle to player them), *cough* 8 track tapes I can't get rid of (but I still have a player for them), cassette tapes and more than 3,000 cds.
Clare: a baby-gro from Son#1, white with the Rolling Stones 'tongue' sewed on the front. What can I say? We were having a party just after he'd been born, the drink flowed, the music roared, and we wanted him to join in! (he'll kill me if he ever reads this...)

What's your favourite comfort food?

Chrissy: Scalloped au gratin potatoes.
Clare: Banana sandwiches. Who's the trailer trash here, eh? :P

What did you want to be as a child?

Chrissy: Honestly? Based on endless retellings by my family it would seem I wanted to be either an assassin, or a hooker. Probably I would have combined the both if I hadn't started writing.. Hey, you asked. LOL.
Clare: I have this hideous feeling I wanted to be an accountant. Hell, no, I must have wanted to dance or sing or climb Everest...
I think Mum told me I wanted to be a journalist. Or the Queen.

What's the nicest compliment you've been given?

Chrissy: Possibly when I was told I had a “noble ass”. But that’s a really, really long story involving a bar and drinking. Uh huh.
Clare: I'm unable to find an icon for that answer....LMAO. I remember someone telling me once I had a funny face. Bless him, he spent the rest of the evening apologising, insisting he meant that I was amusing and always laughing, not that I looked like a freak.

You can pass one law tomorrow, anything you like - what will it be?

Chrissy: I'm going to pass on this one, because the sad part is even if a law is passed I have no faith on the enforcement end of things.
Clare: Pick up your litter or be chopped down on the spot (it's been one of those days).

What, you thought we'd ask for world peace or unilateral disarmament? And you think anyone would take a blind bit of notice?! :)

MANY THANKS to everyone who’s visited this week, we’ve had a great time and hope you have too.

And just as a final plug, here are our recent releases. Both of them - independently - feature the sea. Great minds think alike, eh?
*smooches Chrissy*
*Chrissy removes the axe while Clare isn't looking and smooches back*

See you all soon!

Clare's website and blog.
Chrissy's website and blog.
Find us both and all our books in one handy place on http://bookworld.editme.com/Home

Our novellas: Fair Winds and Footprints.
Both available now in e-book at Dreamspinner Press.

QUICK UPDATE (Saturday) re contests:

Winners of the free downloads are Andy Eisenberg and Aimee Sparling.
Trivia questions: Clare's answers are Where I live, The Gold Warrior, Two, and because my Husband is taking it to pieces to 'see how it works'.
Chrissy's answers are Vache, Desire Beyond Death and Size Still Matters, SciFi, and whoever you choose, we're eager to hear - I'm keen on Christopher!!! :)

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