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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moving Day by Jaime Samms

Moving Day
by Jaime Samms
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I love Jaime Samms’ ‘Moving Day’.  I don’t say that often, not about any book. As I try to remember a book I really loved... I think of TA Chases Angel’s Evolution. That one was pretty decent. I think the last book I just adored was Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and I read that in like...2003? Maybe it was 2004. So that puts ‘Moving Day’ out of my preferred genre and a rare hit for me.

One of the things I loved about the story was how real the characters felt, while still retaining an echo of mythic flavor. Great characters are like that, Luke Skywalker, Paris, Macbeth.. so large and universal in their flavor and yet retaining the petty, bickering misunderstandings that us mortals get in our lives. Ms. Samms’ characters are like that. I’m not saying that Ms. Samms story is ‘great’ like the hard to read Iliad or ‘grand’ like the commercial intent of the Star Wars franchise. No, her stuff is wonderful and easy to swallow, real and vivid, with characters that linger in the mind and make a person want to draw them.

I think reading Moving Day left a kernel of idea in me... about how important it is to forgive flawed people, you know, like myself. Jay and Mike make me smile when I think about them, and I read this book well over a month ago. If you want some romance that will touch your life and linger like a sweet afterthought long after the book is done, please read Moving Day.

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