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Monday, November 7, 2016

Holiday Spice & Everything Nice - Only $0.99 or FREE in KindleUnlimited

Turn up the heat on those cold winter nights with 13 sweet and steamy contemporary holiday romances from some of your favorite New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestsellers! You'll make Santa's Naughty List when these Hot Alpha Males and Sexy Billionaires stuff your stockings!

Includes an extended version of my novella, Snowed In

Top advertising executive, Rachael, was on a roll until hot and sexy Aaron showed up and gave her more than just a run for her campaign budget.  Over the course of the last few months their work relationship has gone from helpful friends, to downright mortal enemies. With a terrible winter storm upon them, through an unlucky chain of events, she finds herself in the arms of Aaron, her most hated and heated adversary.  Yet, when the lights go off…the heat turns up!


Summer had proven the two of them couldn’t work together. He had flirted relentlessly at first, even been overly helpful, but all that had waned and then disappeared after working on just two account proposals together. August had found them hot and bitchy, snapping at each other like the territorial mama turtles she found in her yard each year. Yet, fall’s cooling temps had only fired them up, in the heat of battle, like burning leaves. By Halloween, the witchy season had made them outright, mortal enemies, like some dark magic spell had been cast over them. Lord only knew what this winter, now rearing its ugly head, would bring.

Hitting him in the head with a snowball would feel pretty damn good most days, she mused as she watched him get back out and swipe at the heavy snow on his car again. “Make sure you get the top too, Mr. Inexperience, or cleaning the back widow will be a waste of time once you start moving forward.” There, she had been nice, returned the favor. Rachael shook her head, thankful that was over with. Now the sick feeling in her stomach could abate.

At first the competition between them had been just to gain accounts and recognition as the top account execs at Social Living, a local company offering advertising and PR services in Cleveland, Ohio. But, as of the last few months, their fights had gotten downright ugly and moved beyond just business. They went at each other, behind the scenes, about everything, overtly and covertly. In fact, she’d started to feel like a CIA operative, spying, always on the alert, guns at the ready if needed. She was on a mission.

In fact, until him, she’d worked full time and only dated occasionally. Currently, thanks to a secret online dating account, she’d had a rash of dates, one often more hideous than the other. She endured this agony to keep up with his constant stories of the floozies Mr. Every Woman Wants Me bragged about scoring with every time he found Rachael within earshot.

If nothing else, she gave as good as she got. Who knew what percentage of his sexcapades were fabricated or exaggerated. The tall tales of her dates she talked about, when she knew he could hear her, could win her writing awards they were so fabricated. Last week’s Mr. Computer Nerd And Then Some, who would’ve bored her to sleep if it wasn’t for his constant onslaught of laughter – consisting of uneven vibrations and intermittent squeaks – had become a smart and wealthy man in her retelling of the night. Their fictitious, amazing conversation and dinner had gone head to head, and won in her mind, against his blond bimbo who gone down on him, in his car no less, on the way back to his place from the bar he had picked her up in. So one night! So cheap! Her guy held promise, she’d claimed, if only she could find the time to go out with him again. Not going to happen! Ever!

Warming her wet, gloved hands over the car vents, Rachael looked over at Aaron’s vehicle. The windows were too foggy to be able to see what he was doing. If it didn’t feel like some degree way below zero out there, she would’ve gone to see if he was reading the owner’s manual just for kicks. She remembered the ugly verbal battle they’d had when he’d purchased his new car for winter.

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