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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Haunting My Dollhouse Giveaway

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been considering, for several years now, making the dollhouse that my father built me when I was a little girl haunted. Yesterday, my mom came over, and we finally haunted the dollhouse, or at least made a good start, as there are lots of things that I would still like to add. But for now, below are a few pictures of the macabre editions. I didn't pick a story theme like some suggest, but I did let my mind go to the dark side. Although some thoughts we just laughed at rather than executing. My mom did all the great painting, since I a terrible at it, and we made out of clay things like the pumpkins, drippy candles, cauldron, etc. 

My father said that when he made this dollhouse for me all of those years ago he wouldn't have dreamed that I would still be playing with it in my forties. But then, he probably didn't imagine I would be a paranormal author of often dark and erotic stories either who has an almost obsession with the color black, witches, skulls along most things paranormal and horror.

Here is a before shot.

And, the after. Wish you could see better the amazing pumpkin patch we made on the bottom corner. All hand-carved pumpkins and a gazing ball. The house looks hauntingly amazing when we turn battery-operated flickering, orange flamed, tea lights hidden inside under those ripped up curtains.

The inside before. As you can see, built in the 70's, time had already begun to haunt it for me, with sun damage to some wallpaper, and dust I couldn't seem to get off the floor. 

 Here is the haunted inside. For some reason, even with a flash, some rooms are dark now that they are all painted and distressed. Or maybe the spirits were messing with the camera for effect lol

A close up of the living room. More witchy and old than haunted, but I love it! Maybe the witch and her daughter are trying to resurrect the dead. You will see what I mean in the next image. Of course, there would be no help for the skeleton resting in the master bed.

Suppose the dead dad in the bathroom is responsible for the haunting. Odd though, the spirit image in the mirror looks sinister in real life, but took on a silly smile for the camera. Only a little creepy. I can't think about the giant spider my mom put in the toilet or I just may have nightmares. I have a better chance handling a ghost than a spider in real life. Not kidding there. Love the effect my mom did on the walls in there. She dipped a sponge in paint-colored water and let the thin wet paint run down the walls. Some ended up running under the wall into the nursery, but so is the way of damaging stuff for effect. 

 Well, then, that's all for the house. For now...

Happy October!
Here is the Haunting My Dollhouse Giveaway

Are you doing any creepy crafting this year? Are you visiting any haunted houses? Tell me about it in the comments, anything from this year or past years that you have done to celebrate the spooky season, to enter to win your choice an ebook written by me that will be gifted through Amazon.

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Winner chosen Oct 31st. 

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