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Friday, February 6, 2015

Won’t You Be My Valentine?

This year, to celebrate the limited release of the first ever Erotic Romance StoryBundle, I’m joining with the awesome Sommer Marsden in giving away handmade valentines. So, how does this work? Well, anytime between now and Valentine’s Day, shoot me an email to howell.kiki@gmail.com and wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day, include your snail mail address, and I’ll send you a handmade by me Valentine. As an extra, if you wish, in the comments, tell me how you like to celebrate the holiday, even if that is to say you don’t, and I will enter you into a Giveaway. On Valentine’s Day, I’ll randomly choose a winner from the commenters to pick their choice of two of my ebooks to be gifted from Amazon or another option that works for you – we’ll talk!

Now, head over to Sommer’s Blog to get a Valentine from her and to enter her giveaway at

Oh, wait, before you go, just another minute or two, let me tell you about this StoryBundle and the bundle’s giveaway for a $100 Amazon Gift Card…

Erotic Romance StoryBundle, Feb 4-26, 2015 with Selena Kitt,
Sommer Marsden, Kiki Howell, Alison Tyler, and Skye Warren

Curator’s Message by Kiki Howell: I’m a fan of each and every author who graciously agreed to be included in this Erotic Romance StoryBundle, and so I will admit to being a bit star-struck to have my stories published beside theirs. As you will read, I met each one through a series of intertwining, very fortunate events.

I’ve had the privilege to work with New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Selena Kitt, since the beginning of my writing career. After first being published by her company, Excessica, I then began working for her in various aspects of the publishing industry. I consider myself very lucky to have learned so much from a writer as prolific as Selena, one of the best guilty pleasure authors out there with over a million books sold!

Through working for Selena, I had the blessing of meeting, Sommer Marsden. Over time, and little “water-cooler” chats via emails if you will, we've found ourselves alike in a multitude of ways. I now have the honor of calling her a good friend even though we've never met in person. Referred to as “unapologetic” by another author in this bundle, I couldn’t agree more with that description of her writing. Her stories are both profound and witty, sexy and fun with a myriad of characters from a to z, adventurous women to zombies, and back again.

Thanks to one of Sommer’s social media posts, I signed up to review one of Alison Tyler’s books, and I've been hooked by her writing ever since. A prolific writer of several stories and talented editor of many kinky anthologies, her works offer passion and heart along with vital doses of all things sexy. Just following her blog, appropriately titled, Trollop with a Laptop, is exquisite fun, a true indulgence.

It was also through Selena that I was recently introduced to New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Skye Warren. And, though I’m just getting started into her dark romantic fiction, I can’t wait to indulge in more of her stories. Her work described with such words as “perversely tender” and “haunting and beautiful” I couldn’t agree more. I’ve found her stories to be both complex and raw, emotional and enticing.

I’m pleased with the wide array of genres represented by these authors and their stories in this bundle. While all erotic romance, you will be further tempted with subgenres like: contemporary and historical, paranormal/pagan and fairy tales, bondage and femdom, to name a few. Enjoy!

To purchase this bundle go to http://storybundle.com/romance  This is pick your own price! All the details are at the site.

Temptation by Selena Kitt - The innocent 1950s - a perfect backdrop for this "new adult" historical romance saga. What happens when you fall in love with your best friend's father?

Angry Sex by Sommer Marsden - When life turns stressful a girl needs release. Someone to help her work out her issues. Someone hot. Angry Sex...like therapy...but naked.

Torn Asunder by Kiki Howell - Fraught with scenes of explicit intimacy, romantic spells and mystical shapeshifting, Torn Asunder is a unique blending of the age of manners with sexual magic.

The ESP Affair by Alison Tyler - A dream lover fulfills Connie's erotic desires in The ESP Affair. Confronted with proof of her infidelity, she embarks on a psychic journey.

On the Way Home by Skye Warren - Explore the dark side with this suspenseful new adult romance... It’s a simple trade—the passenger in seat 34B for my sister. But the sexy soldier is more than I can handle in all the best ways.

Modern Wicked Fairy Tales by Selena Kitt (The Complete Collection) - Do you love fairy tales? Then don't miss these happily ever afters! Get ALL EIGHT modern retellings of fairy tale classics--Alice, Beauty, Briar Rose, Goldilocks, Gretel, Rapunzel, Red, and Wendy

Bittersweet by Sommer Marsden (Novella) - Deacon James is more sinful than the candy he sells. Testing Rayka's every limit. Mentally, creatively, emotionally and yes--sexually.

Rituals by Kiki Howell (Novella) – When a Wiccan ritual opens her eyes to an old friend, Maddie’s first week with Ryan is a blur of knots and ropes until Maddie’s controlling ex-husband returns hell-bent on taking her back.

Alison on Top by Alison Tyler (Anthology) - Super hot, incredibly sexy and wonderfully delicious," Alison on Top fulfills your craving for smart femdom fiction with a romantic twist.

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  1. I'm not generally a V-Day celebrant, though I'll usually bake something chocolaty for myself and/or my loved ones. I haven't decided whether to observe Jack Benny's birthday or International Quirkyalone Day instead...

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

  2. like to celebrate with candy

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Unfortunately for me, Valentine's day lost it's charm about 8 years ago when my husband of 10 pretty much turned out the lights on any romance. Guess he just didn't see the point in it all anymore. I spend my holidays the same way I spend every day, lonely and working. My only highlights are the wonderful, caring FB friends I've gained over my career, you included, and my children, both human and furbabies.

  4. I get a small bunch of flowers sometimes, it depends on how we are financially at the time. Usually just happy to have some quiet time, though, because it's too expensive to do anything else. My dream valentine's day though would be a quiet day, just us (kid free!), some quiet time at home, followed by movies and a nice dinner out, maybe some dancing, and then a sleep in the next morning, with pancakes :) Nothing fancy, just nice and simple.


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