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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vignette Entry by Angelica Dawson

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The sky reflected off the surface, light fracturing into a thousand colours. The film made those colours dance and spin, like tiny sprites flying across it. The clouds in the film were no longer white, but lilac and salmon and lawn. The sun was still a bright dot, but shifted from yellow to orange and purple.

Also reflected in the globe were trees, evergreen conifers and leaves on aspen that seemed to tremble and shake in the light breeze. The leaves were new, bright green, but their reflection, like all the others, were distorted.

The surface broke in silence. A few specks hovered for a split-second before disappearing with the rest of the soap bubble.

Taking the plastic loop and dipping it in the soapy water, she blew carefully, steadily, watching the filmy surface bow out and threaten to break. She softened her breath, but kept blowing, the film swirling as more of it spread out to make a thinner surface.  When she was sure the bubble couldn’t get any bigger without breaking, she jerked the hoop aside, closing the bubble.

This one didn’t last as long, falling to the grass and breaking there. Some smaller bubbles rested on the pointed surface, the result of many hours and the enthusiasm of her companion. While she concentrated on building another tiny reflection of the world, he blew hard, letting strings of bubbles float away from his lips. He pointed out his largest ones to her, though they were never as big as hers.

Tiny worlds, distorted reflections, constantly changing.  They were each of them perfect, and none of them the same. She blew one more, and this one floated up, catching a breeze. They watched it together, holding their breath. How far could it go? How long would it last?


Author Bio: As an environmental consultant, Angelica Dawson is no stranger to blood sucking hordes. However, they are more like black flies and mosquitoes than vampires. She is the author of Blue Moon House, a vampire BDSM, and its prequels. She has also contributed to the first Serviced anthology and Campus Sexploits 3.
Twitter: @angelicadawson

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