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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ndulgent BLOGiversary Hop - Free Flash Fiction & Giveaway

Cold Coffee On A Warm Day — Kiki Howell - Rated R

Years ago this story won #1 Place in the Coffee Fueled Erotica Flash Fiction Contest and since has been published in an erotic journal and on an erotic website. Hope you like it!Make sure to enter the contest below and visit all the other blogs in the hop to enter to win lots more prizes!
She made the popsicles homemade, leftover coffee from the night before mixed with cream and cocoa.  Marlaina always said there was nothing better than cold coffee on a warm day to get you going. One sweltering August night, she found out just how right she was.
Her husband had found her on their sun porch sprawled on a wicker settee, one leg resting flat on the cushion with the other propped up by her foot on the glass top of the patio table. The material of her short sundress clung to her labia between widespread thighs. She sucked on one of her mocha creations like it was a small dildo.
With the neighbors on both sides out for the evening, she felt no need for modesty. Besides, it was one of those humid nights when even sitting still the air clung, made your skin glisten.
“Hey, any more of those left?” he asked, crossing his arms over his bare chest and letting his shoulder fall to the doorway.
“No, but I am willing to share mine.” She made her voice a deep purr, and watched for his cock to sit up and take notice under his shorts.
“Thanks.” She bent her leg on the cushion up toward her chest making her dress pull up, exposing herself completely to him as he came to sit down beside her.
“Here, have a lick,” she said, inserting the popsicle into his mouth.
 “No underwear,” he mumbled around the confection.
“Too hot.”
When she took the treat back, she dropped one strap of her dress and circled it around her nipple bringing it to life. A shot of cold went through her stomach, but had turned to molten desire by the time it hit her core from the way he watched her, mouth open, breathing rugged.
Leaning in, he chased the ice cold treat around her breast, licking and nipping at her and the frozen caffeine like it was being shot into his veins. Getting into the fast paced game, she shoved the popsicle between his lips and tore off her dress.
She fingered her clit as he liked, spreading apart her wet folds. As she moved her fingers, her moan elicited a groan from him. The more she played, the more he sucked on the erection-shaped frozen cup of joe.
So, when he tasted her, his lips were like ice on her hot, swollen flesh.  She stifled her cry along with the ones that followed as he lightly brushed the popsicle over her opening before a bit roughly lapping at her with his chilled tongue. This pattern continued over her lips and clit as well until she begged him for more.
He obliged by dropping his shorts and pushing his full cock up inside of her. As she rode the waves of pleasure at having her inner walls adjust around his erection, he kissed her sweetly tasting of cold coffee and her hot juices.
Comment below about your favorite indulgence to win a copy of my short, The Magic was is the Chocolate!
Sick of being stuck in the friend zone, David works a sex spell to open his long time friend's heart to true love. With every aspect of the evening strategically planned, he invites Danielle over for a movie and a pizza. His heart on the line, he places his bets on a cake made with spelled chocolate. But, can a little indulgence make all his dreams come true, or will his confession about the magic he used shatter his future?

Genres: Contemporary, Pagan/Paranormal, Erotic Romance

You can check out all of my stories at www.kikihowell.com

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