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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Post: Going with Ghosts by Sommer Marsden

I’ve written ghosts before. They were prevalent in my Seekers series, I wrote Corporeal for Ellora’s Cave and there have been some others along the way. In Under My Skin, I got all crazy with the Cheez Whiz and had a good ghost and a bad ghost. Dueling ghosts.

Lanie is the deceased fiancé of our hero—our dying hero—Elijah Rivers. She’s trying to reach out to him because his health is failing. She’s doing this all through our psychic medium Juliet who just happened to buy the house Lanie died in. The house that Chadwick Montgomery used as his killing grounds—Lanie being one of his kills. And Juliet’s beginning to pick up on some very unsettling things about her new house. Like how many victims died her at the hands of our bad ghost.

This is Juliet’s chance to right two wrongs even as she’s working through her own loss. Reuniting Lanie and Elijah before he crosses over, allowing them to use her body as a conduit of connection, and working hard to eradicate the world of the evil that is Chadwick Montgomery.

Sometimes just to mix things up, you need to go with a ghost…or two.


Blurb from UNDER MY SKIN by Sommer Marsden

House bought for a steal online when it turns out there’s a damn good reason—check.

Malicious ghost with a body count to his name—check.

Sad, lingering female spirit pining for her still living (but currently dying) fiancé—check.

What’s a widowed medium to do when a departed soul asks to ride piggy back in her body?

To share her space and get under her skin? Juliet Bale does the only thing she can do—with her twin sister’s good counsel—she lets Lanie share her body to help her dying beloved Elijah cross over. The problem is that with all the reuniting, and sharing one body, things get seriously intimate and Juliet can’t help but see exactly why Elijah Rivers was so beloved.

It’s so wrong to sorta kinda fall for a dying man, and yet—check.

Excerpt from UNDER MY SKIN by Sommer Marsden

Elijah kept looking and looking. I watched him as he walked toward the dining room. His eyes darted all over but his gaze repeatedly landed on the door to the basement.

“Are you okay?” I heard him ask me, but a thick, heavy blanket of grief covered me, and I was suddenly felled by it. My knees buckled unexpectedly so that I had to grab a stack of moving boxes to catch myself.

He turned fast, dropping his tool box and grabbing my elbows to steady me. “God, are you okay?” We were close, so close I could feel his warm breath on my lips and see the bits of stubble starting to poke through his skin.

“I…are you? You keep looking…” Another wave of grief hit me, and I grabbed his biceps with my fingers. Yes, he was physically strong, but under it there was a chink in his armor. A big one.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed, leading me to a dining room chair. “My fiancée was a realtor. She showed this house a few years back. She um…”

Died here… That was why I wanted to kiss him. She’d died here, and she was still here–either by choice or…not.

“Died here. Fell down the basement steps.” He found a bottle of water on the sideboard and said, “Yours?”

I nodded, and he handed it to me. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know or I’d have asked—”

He waved me off. “Sheila and I are friends. She hires me often. I bet she didn’t even think. It was so long ago for most folks. For me, not so much.”

I nodded, understanding the grief now. The water tasted old but still good as I got my senses together and studied him. I still wanted to kiss him. I wondered how strong his fiancée’s spirit was.

“What was her name?”

I heard it in my head in a male voice, a female voice, then straight from Elijah’s mouth. “Lanie.”

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  1. SIGH. I love your work Sommer. :D Kiki, thanks for featuring her. I've never written ghosts before. Wouldn't even know where to start, but it might be a good exercise.


  2. I find it a great exercise to write in a genre I am not familiar with :)

  3. It's only unfamiliar til you write it ;) right?


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