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Monday, August 20, 2012

Character Interview by Holley Trent

Thanks for letting me visit today, Kiki! I’ve rustled up the hero of my newest romantic comedy All Shook Up—Charlie—and asked him a few questions.

Holley Trent: It’s nice to talk to you again Charlie. You were a bit cranky during our last interview in the spring. Feeling better?

Charlie Mitchell: …

Holley: Oh-kay then. Plodding on. In All Shook Up your ex comes into town and jams her nose into your business. I’m curious, why didn’t you ever tell Nikki about Becky? I mean, she’s your kid’s mother. They’d bump heads eventually, you know?

Charlie: Look, Becky is just one of those topics I don’t like discussing. Sort of like jock itch and politics. The conversation always goes south.

Holley: Clue me in here. Maybe I don’t understand because I’m a chick or whatever, but…you DID hook up with her. If she’s really the super-skank Nikki makes her out to be, why’d you go there?

Charlie: I was a teenager.

Holley: And that absolves you of not having taste? Your mother hated her even when she was sixteen and I know for a fact Sarah has highly involved instincts for these things.

Charlie: I SAID I was a teenager. I was hormonal and had an itch that needed scratching. Look, I regret pissing Mom off now, but what can I do? At least I got Gabby out of it, right?

Holley: Yeah. She’s a sweet kid. You did good, bud.

Charlie: She’s my absolute favorite thing.

Holley: Awesome. We’ll keep this thing short and sweet, so last, tell me—now that Nikki is going into the cosmetics business, what do you really wish she’d invent?

Charlie: At this stage in my life I’m easy to please. Maybe a sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out? I’ve got delicate skin, you know.

Holley: Sure you do.

You can learn more about Charlie in All Shook Up—published 8/17 by Rebel Ink Press and available everywhere fine romance ebooks are sold.

Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog posts this week (check out my blog to see where else I’m visiting) with their idea of an “old-fashioned” name has a chance to name a character in my next story set in Nikki and Charlie’s world. Polished Slick—a novel length work featuring two of Nikki’s employees—comes out next month. You can help me name a secondary in the book that follows.

The winner will get an acknowledgement in that book and my undying affection. I can’t promise the character will be a good guy, so keep that in mind.

For news about future releases, keep up with me at holleytrent.com/blog or via Twitter by following @holleytrent. 

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