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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mini Interviews with A Few of My Fellow Spontaneous Liaisons Anthology Authors

Today on ABA, I’m thrilled to have with me a few of the wonderful co-authors from the Naughty Nights Press Spontaneous Liaisons Anthology. After the blurb for the anthology, I’ve listed the individual authors by name, their answers to my two questions, a blurb for their individual story and author links.  Enjoy, because you just never know what will happen when you get all spontaneous!

SPONTANEOUS LIAISONS, A Naughty Nights Press Anthology Blurb:

The Authors at Naughty Nights Press bring six "Spontaneous Liaisons" to wet the whistle, get the inner fires burning and perhaps even leave readers thinking of their next quick encounter.

These sizzling, to-the-point, erotic rendezvous are each a perfect read for busy people on the go. 
From entrance to exit, this collection of titillating stories, by some of the best erotic authors, are sure to have readers browsing the nearest virtual bookstore to buy more of their spicy work!

A perfect lunchtime read. - Author J.D. Morgan

Juicy, kinky and sure to boost up your daily drive! - Mason Mallory, Hamilton Spectator

A hot read on a cold night. - Cassandre Dayne, Author

Mini Interviews:

#1. Author Name - Vampirique Dezire
Kiki: What is the first thing I think of when you say Spontaneous?

Vampirique Dezire: That is so easy; the first thing to come to mind is our new anthology, Spontaneous Liaisons *laughs wickedly*

Kiki: Share with me a sexy spontaneous liasion you've either been part of or fantasized about. You don't even have to admit to which it is, that is unless you want to *winks*

Vampirique Dezire:  My secret liaison…hmm I know when I was writing Summer Rain – Fiona’s Story, I imagined myself in Fiona’s position with Brant but I think that was more to the point of I like the whole idea of eyes meeting across a room, the sexual energy drawing you both together with its unseen fingers. Caressing your nipples, making them ache to be touched as they become hard points.  Panties rapidly becoming moist as you imagine him using his fingers and lips all over your body. Mouth watering at the thought of taking him into your mouth and paying homage to what you know will be a decent size cock, hiding in his jeans. Then when your body gets to the point where if you don’t climax, you think you will expire from the sheer thrill  of it all, he takes you, thrusting his hot, velvety shaft, into your wet, volcanic hole in one swift, hard almost violent motion. Meeting every one of  his thrusts with one of your own, feeling his cock scrape against the insides of you, making you tighten up around him, fingers digging into his ass cheeks trying your hardest to pull him in closer. And that’s when it happens. Your toes begin to curl, arching your back, trapping him as he is buried deep inside, your vaginal muscles undulating along his cock, that perfect wave of an orgasm ripping through your body. He becomes rigid, his eyes blazing as he looks into yours, a guttural groan rings in your ears as he comes, his seed spilling forth in powerful bursts until he is spent.

Blurb for “Summer Rain, Fiona’s Story” By Vampirique Dezire
It is believed that when the winds have blown the earth dry and the sun creates an internal heat, deep within its core, that a rainstorm will come, one like nobody has seen before. During the last of summer’s hot, fiery kiss, the rain will sluice over the earth’s body, making love to it, allowing the heat of pent up sexual tensions to be released by those who are caught in it.

It is the last days of summer and Fiona has organized to meet up with Jake, a guy she met at a nightclub. Needless to say, Fiona’s date doesn’t arrive but she gets plenty of admiring glances from the men and women around her. After waiting a period of time, Fiona decides to leave the restaurant and begins to take a walk down the street refusing to let her day be ruined.

During a sudden downpour, Fiona seeks shelter on a building site. Unbeknownst to her, Brant one of the builders waiting out the storm sees her taking off her wet clothes. As he watches her, he notices a beam about to give way just above her. Before it collapses on top of her Brant rushes in to save her, suddenly the two strangers find themselves in the midst of making hard, passionate love...their lust and desire taking over their very beings.

Blog 1: Blood, Lust and Erotica – http://vampiriquedezire.blogspot.com
Blog2: From The Inside – http://biauthor.blogspot.com

#2. Author Name – Abby Hayes
Kiki: When I say the word "Spontaneous" what comes to your mind first?

Abby Hayes: Possible danger, but lots of fun regardless *giggles* It means going for it without stopping to think about the consequences first :)

Kiki: Share with me a sexy spontaneous liaison you've either been part of or fantasized about. You don't even have to admit to which it is, that is unless you want to *winks*

Abby Hayes: Well, actually, I was sitting in the food court on my college campus when I came up with the story, Fast Food on Campus for this anthology. So actually, the whole story is a ‘spontaneous’ fantasy that just popped in my head.  Wish it were a memory! LOL

Blurb for “Fast Food On Campus” by Abby Hayes
Friends, working together on campus, come together, finally, hot and fast, several times, after confessing their feelings about each other. A quickie on the freezer at work, groping during the car ride home, just inside the front door of his place, are just a few of the sexy yet quick encounters Devin and Amanda have. Promises of longer, of tomorrows are still whispered though…

#3. Author Name - CM Owens
Kiki: When I say the word "Spontaneous" what comes to your mind first?

CM Owens: Spontaneous to me is about doing something you wouldn't normally do. It's about saying "to hell with the consequences" and going for it. Whether it be jumping on a train for an impromptu weekend away or buying an expensive outfit.

Kiki: Share with me a sexy spontaneous liaison you've either been part of or fantasized about. You don't even have to admit to which it is, that is unless you want to *winks*

CM Owens: I once got all dressed up, jumped into my car and drove for four hours to pay a surprise visit to my boyfriend. I'm not usually one for rash actions, I like to plan and I suck at keeping secrets, so I really had to trust my instincts and resist the urge to phone him and check it would be okay. When I got there I phoned him from the doorstep, said "guess where I am," and knocked on the door. I would tell you what happened next, but I'm not one to kiss and tell.

Blurb for “Unprofessional” by CM Owens

When an actress fails to turn up for her part in a sex scene, Carrie has to choose between stepping into the spotlight or letting her friends down. But, she’s not an actress; her place is behind the camera, not in front of it. Can she keep it cool with actor Jake or will things get unprofessional?

#4. Author Name – Kiki Howell

I was considering interviewing myself, but let me just say as far as the questions go that usually life inspires writing. But, if you read the blurb to my story, and know I have two teens boys in my home, well I am this time hoping that my story inspires my life!

Blurb for “Reinventing the Quickie, The Diary of Sam” by Kiki Howell
Samantha Donovan writes in her diary when she can, and this year’s new book she is starting by discussing New Year’s Resolutions: her failures with them in the past and what she wants this year as a working mom with teenagers in the house. She decides it would be great to combine a few of things, like weight loss and more sex, by offering her husband an arrangement of quickies in their busy lives, sort of a sex diet she once read about. Of course her hubby is all for the idea, but with their crazy schedules, it proves harder than they thought. So, they get more creative, use their time more wisely, and even kick up the quickies with little themes. By the end of January, things are suddenly getting sexier and sexier in Samantha’s life…

You can purchase Spontaneous Liaisons at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and Smashwords

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