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Thursday, November 3, 2011

GIVEAWAY Pledge Drive for Abby Hayes, New Author, Kickstarter Program - 3 DAYS ONLY!

Abby Hayes

Naughty Nights Press has been informed that one of our new writers, Abby Hayes, is lacking in the pledges she needs to meet her Kickstarter goal.
So we’ve decided to help.

As a new business we can’t offer a financial backing to an author, but what we can do is offer incentives to those that make a pledge of as little as $5 to support Abby.

For many $5 is simply a cappuccino at the nearest Starbucks. To Abby Hayes, who is trying to kickstart her writing career, $5 could make all the difference.
So please, give up that coffee just for today and help this incredibly talented young lady make a dream come true!

Even $1 can make a difference to Abby's casue, so if you can't afford the $5 pledge but still want to help, then do it. Give that $1 pledge!

For more information on Abby’s Kickstarter pledge drive, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1715155828/abby-hayes-erotic-author

So, to kick off our own incentives, and hopefully encourage everyone to send in a pledge, we have come up with some FREE offerings to those who meet certain pledge levels.

If you pledge the following amount in the next three days, you will receive your choice of the following .pdf copy of an ebook for FREE!

All you have to do is email Tessa Wanton at tessawanton@live.co.uk with your proof of pledge, dated between November 3 and November 7 at midnight, to Abby’s Kickstart program and the book you choose in your pledge level. It’s so easy and you are supporting a good cause.

The ebooks will be given to those who pledge even if the final amount is not met; so really, what have you got to lose. It’s a WIN/WIN situation for all!

$5 - The Training Of Tess by Tessa Wanton OR The Cabin by Nathanial Bosch
$10 - Raging Shadows by Cassandre Dayne OR Danvers Asylum by Chrystian Marrero
$15 - Don’t Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black OR Red Fire - Surrender by Cassandre Dayne

$25 or more - A coupon code will be sent to you for a free download from Smashwords, in any format, for Abby’s Finding Paradise release for Christmas! PLUS you can choose ANY one of the other books above in .pdf format! That will give you TWO free books!

We only have 12 days left to help Abby meet her goal so please, go pledge now!

To all those who have already pledged or shared in this pledge drive, on behalf of Abby Hayes and Naughty Nights Press, Thank you for supporting an incredible upcoming author!

All pledges must be in by Wednesday November 16, 12:01 am EST.

To see more information or to purchase on any of the books to be awarded, please click on thier coresponding links

The Training Of Tess by Tessa Wanton

The Cabin by Nathanial Bosch

Raging Shadows by Cassandre Dayne

Danvers Asylum by Chrystian Marrero

Don't Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black

Red Fire - Surrender by Cassandre Dayne

And for a taste of what is to come with Abby's Finding Paradise in December, here is a short snyopsis & excerpt. We know you will agree this is one fantastic writer!

Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel. And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Ménages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.

This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits...

Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?

Warnings: This story contains graphic language and sexual situations including: f/f, m/m/f , m/f/f, and m/f/m/f parings that include gay, lesbian, ménage and partner sharing along with: mild BDSM, capture and slave fantasies, stranger fantasies and a few sex toys.

Excerpt of Finding Paradise

With the full moon illuminating the room, Kelly laid in wait for her husband, literally like a bitch in heat. With a steadfast determination, she prepared herself to pounce on the man. To keep her going, she’d sucked down enough coffee after dinner to make her buzz like she had batteries.
When he came in the room, lust made her eyes practically water. He must’ve noticed, because he stopped mid-stride to smirk at her with one eyebrow raised.
“What’s up with you? You look like the cat that ate the canary - guilty and thrilled with yourself at the same time.”
“I want my husband. Is that so wrong?”
“Ah, no, but I’m a little curious as to why tonight. You haven’t been awake at this hour in years.”
She shrugged, gave him a half smile.
“What did you do today? Watch porn while the kids napped?”
“Better, chatted with an old friend on Facebook again.” Immediately she became cognizant of her mistake in blurting such a thing out. She wasn’t sure how he’d react to his wife being turned on by another woman’s life.
“What? What friend? And, what do you mean again? What the hell is going on, Kelly? What the fuck is going on here while I’m at work?”
“Nate, calm down. It’s a her, for one, and old neighbor. And, I like her. And, she’s lived a life better than any romance novel I’ve ever read. I’d heard rumors, and I begged her to share her stories with me. She is refreshingly open, uninhibited in the telling of her past. We’ve chatted twice, yesterday and today, for about a half hour each.”
“This woman tells you sex stories over the chat on Facebook? What kind of woman is she?” 
“Quiet down, or you’ll wake the kids.”
“You’re scaring me. What’s happened to my wife?”
“She’s right here. What’s the difference if I read erotic stories and go to sleep fantasizing, or if I hear a story from a friend and try to seduce, although obviously poorly, my own husband?”
“A whole hell of a lot. Erotic? You read erotic novels?”
“Yes!” she said, putting fists on her hips. 
He shook his head. “First I’ve heard of it. Anyway, something’s changed, because those novels, whatever type they are, have never made you so horny that you stayed up for sex.”
Kelly started to cry. “A lot you know. I’ve tried! You come in to bed so late. I’m so tired. And, what the hell is so wrong with a woman deciding it is time to want that part of her relationship back with her husband? Now that I’m a mom, am I supposed to never initiate sex again? Were you going to be happy with that for the rest of our lives? Isn’t it time we got back some part of our sex life?”
“Oh, Kelly, come on. Don’t cry. I’m sorry, but you’ve got to see why I’d be worried. Why didn’t you tell me before now if you wanted me? I miss you too. It’s not you wanting sex; it’s the other woman. I’m worried. I’m jealous. And, I’m not even sure why, damn it.”
“You want me? You miss me?” She sniffed and smiled.
“Want you? Fuck, Kelly, I ache for you. I’m in misery most of the time because we’re not together. But, I knew you were tired. I didn’t want to be another job for you to complete each day like Dan’s wife told him he was.”
“Dan’s wife said that to him?”
“Yeah, he told me at work a few months after Meghan was born to go harder on the basketball court and easier on you.”
“What kind of idiots do you hire? And, man I felt sorry for that slime yesterday when he posted about his workload on Facebook.”
“Facebook again.” He shook his head as if to clear his mind, and then opened his eyes up wide when he was done. “Specifically, I hired Dan to create and manage websites. I didn’t interview any of my employees about their marriages. Dan was trying to be helpful in his own way. But what about this Nevaeh? She chats with you twice, some woman you grew up with, who I’ve never heard you talk about that I can recall, and she’s telling you about sex… with her husband? Is she married? Or, with others?”
“Others, but she tells the same stories to her husband, and they role play to act out their fantasies. Do you have fantasies, Nate?”
“What? Do you have fantasies? Fantasies I don’t know about?”
“I’ve been reading quite a lot at night. I’ve developed some new ones.”
“Really? These erotic books I never heard about again?”
“You’ve never once asked me what I was reading,” she spat.
“You have a point. What are you reading?”
“Erotic romances, stories with the sex spelled out. Currently one about a vampire,” she challenged him.
“Okay. So, fantasies? You plan on sharing sometime?” He crawled on the bed, a smile easing the tight lines of his jaw.
“You want to hear them?”
“Are you kidding me? Of course! But, not now.” 
His mouth crushed down over hers. Her heart skipped a beat, and then continued its fast pace from their fight. His tongue pushed between her lips, swept her mouth in militant fashion, dominated. 
He fell down over her. “It’s been so long.”
The seam of her nightgown tore from his tug. Not that it was a particularly sexy one, but it didn’t have Oscar the Grouch on it to amuse her son either. Her hands went for his pants, battling the belt with short, hasty movements. Once it opened, she popped off his button yanking on his pants. He helped her free him. His erection poking between her thighs suggested a taste of heaven. No foreplay, yet she was ready for him. He pushed in, and her inner walls trembled at the abrupt change. 
Contractions began in seconds. He rode her hard. His eyes shut tight, his mouth fell open and his heart hammered against hers. Her nails dig into the muscles bunching under her fingers. When her stomach tightened, she cried out. Her inner walls clamped down around his hard cock. He stifled the sound with another branding kiss.
“Come with me,” he demanded against her lips.
She let go, felt her body hum as his warm seed filled her. Their bodies slammed against each other, furious, needy. Flames shot from her core to her limbs until she shattered around him.
“I promise you better next time. This time, I just had to have you,” Nate panted.
Tears slipped from her eyes. “I needed to be taken.”
“Tomorrow, will you share your fantasies with me?”
“All you have to do is ask.”
“My god, fantasies,” he said as he lay down beside her, butt to butt. “My erection is already making a reappearance wondering what they could be, I’ll have you know.” 
She giggled. “You’ll just have to wait.” 
“Wait, as in you’ve another chat session scheduled with Nevaeh tomorrow first?” 
Her chest tightened, and her breathing came in hard gasps. 
“Actually, she’s flying in tomorrow, early morning from New York for the reunion this weekend. She has to work on her mother’s house first, getting it ready to sell. Her mom died this year. I’m going to ask her to take me shopping this week. I need her expertise on a few of the necessary items for those fantasies.”

Synopsis & Excerpt are the legal copyright of Abby Hayes.
Cover Art by Shane Willis, RAD ACT Photography.
Copyright Naughty Nights Press ©2011
Please do not use, copy or modify any images without the written permission of the artist. Thank you.

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