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Thursday, April 21, 2011

ABA Interview with Artist, Christopher Chamberlain (NY Art Show 4-22-11)

I am posting today to brag a little about a wonderful artist that I’ve had the privilege of working with on a children’s book. The Canadian artist, Christopher Chamberlain, has been invited to show his work at the "Art of Fashion" show, at The Chelsea Room in the Hotel Chelsea on Friday April 22nd from 7pm-11pm.

If you are in
New York City, as I wish I was, please drop by to say, "Hello".
The Facebook link to this event is: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=161054500620904

"My intent is to create artwork that provokes a reaction from the viewer (which is what I think all artists strive for). The discerning difference for me is that it must also satisfy my innate need to constantly execute pieces of art.  I like to create pieces that cover a broad spectrum of genres, styles, and age appropriateness.  Art is in the eye of the beholder, after all.  Currently my work is created with various forms of pen & ink, brushes, watercolours, gouaches, acrylics and coloured pencils.  Artwork is organic and I look for the myriad of ways through medium and content in which I can create stunning pieces that evoke reaction, however varied they may be for each viewer." ~Christopher Chamberlain

So, without farther ado, I’ve invited Christopher here today to answer a few questions.

Kiki: You say in the above quote that your work covers a broad spectrum of genres, styles, and age appropriateness. Can you give me two examples of your work, descriptions of two pieces, one from each end of the spectrum?

Christopher:  Sure, I can give you two examples.  Here’s the first, one that I recently created for a childrens Hallowe’en text book.  It’s only a few lines and deceptively simple in appearance.
And here’s the second one, which I’m sure you’ll agree is not so appropriate for children, and it’s done with water colours and a little bit of digital manipulation.
Kiki: You spoke of a variety of mediums. Do you mix them within one piece? Why or why not?

Christopher:  Often I do mix media within a piece.  It depends on the effect that I’m looking for.  Some pieces I create with a single medium such as marker or pen and ink.  While there are other pieces that I employ markers, inks, water colours, coloured pencils and gouache.

Kiki: I am dying to know how you came to this amazing opportunity. How did you become involved with this show?

Christopher:  Oddly enough I responded to a somewhat vague online advertisement.  A week or so later I was asked to show!  It is pretty amazing.

Kiki: Can we have a glimpse at a piece of your work, a picture with explanation about its creation?

Christopher:  I’ll go a little in depth with this one.  I’m working on a new webcomic called “Kid Robo” that’s hosted at Grayhavencomics.com and it’s a lot of fun.  It would definitely fall to the child appropriate end of the spectrum in terms of my work.  When I started working with my writer on the series, Marc Deschamps, we had to design Kid Robo and all the other characters.  Once we’d gone through a round of designs it was time to create the first page.  Which looked a little like this once I had it all penciled out:
I happened to take a photo of it taped to my somewhat messy looking board.
After it’s at this stage, I ink the characters, letter and draw in all the word balloons and borders.  Since it’s such a simple and clean drawing style for Kid Robo, I like it to have some extra depth so I’ll add some tone with water colour.  And I end up with the finished page:

Kiki: What inspires you? I am going to assume that inspiration would come from many places given the variations of your work, but can you tell us about a few of the things that inspire you most?

Christopher:  I get my inspiration from all sorts of areas.  It could be a few words I hear on the radio or television; from a walk down the street and just letting my thoughts clear for a moment; seeing something as I pass by; or by something that a writer has suggested to me; and other times just an image that pops up in my imagination.  And then there are quite a few pieces that have come about from conversations with my lovely wife. 

Kiki: To be on ABA, everyone gets this question! LOL Tell us something we wouldn’t have guessed about you. 

Christopher:  Probably my age…

LOL, and I see we are never going to find out! But, I so appreciate you being on, and wish you much luck with your show. I'll be there in spirit. Enjoy :)

More information about Christopher can be found at:

More Information about the show:

NYC's #1 "Pop Up" Art Exhibition & Fashion show After Party !
Come See NYC's #1"Pop up" Art show top emerging  artists on display with art for sale

Friday April 22nd
Art Exhibit  7pm til 11pm
Fashion Show at

Presenting  "Candy-Rock Couture"
by  Harmony Corbett 

After Party all night long!
At the world famous
Hotel Chelsea
222 w. 23rd st . NYC
@ The Chelsea Room
(Right side of main entrance in basement ) 
Mention :  "The Art Of Fashion" at door for FREE ADMISSION 7-10pm .

2 FOR 1 Vodka Drinks 7pm-8:30pm
Discounted Drinks $10

Exhibition presented by:
Art curated by John McMullen :
www.facebook.com/ theartoffashion
In association with Herbert Fox Productions
RSVP: herbfox519@aol.com

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