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Monday, August 3, 2009

Review of Spell of Appalachia by Molly Wens - Reviewed by Kiki Howell

When I first began reading Spell of Appalachia, I was caught first by the tone of the story—a unique mixing of foreboding, magic and peace which was heightened by Molly Wens ability to delineate with her adept pairings of words. For example, The cavernous void that prevailed echoed with the screams of that inner voice that silently cried out for something unnamed. The aching chaos of it warred with the reverberant, whispery stillness of the mountains that surrounded her sanctuary.

The story was earthy and ethereal at the same time making the unbelievable easily believable. I believe this is a talent held by only the best writers. I personally read for escape, to be sucked into another’s world. In this primitive, supernatural read, I not only escaped but was cured right along with the main character making this story a brief solace from the tragedies of life. I became, as Molly wrote, one of those who knew that torment could only hope for something, for some place that would offer them solace and give rest to their disillusioned minds.

Sometimes when we are at our loneliest, someone comes to us, as if summoned by our troubled souls… I loved this line, and it leads me to Molly’s use of secondary characters who bring so much to the story and provide for the fullness of her characters. For example, Del, who is a glorious mixture of sympathetic and prying, gives the reader a wealth of information about the heroine, Onida Burk.

I could not read this story fast enough with so many questions being conjured in my mind as to what was happening in those mountain mists and what the magic of the mountains would bring about for the hero and heroine. I will even admit that with less than fifteen pages left to go in the rapturous world they created together when my reading time was interrupted, it was maddening! I became one of those have-a-bowl-of-cereal-if-you-are-hungry moms in my rush to get back to my book.

I urge you on August 24th, to get caught up in the unanswerable magic of the Spell of Appalachia.


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