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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop

My October releases span the genres and the age groups this year from a children’s picture book titled, What Are You Afraid Of?, and a short story for everyone called “An Irish Halloween” in the Happy Halloween! A Treat For the Whole Family anthology, both published with Dancing With Bear Publishing. Then, in keeping with my naughtier side, a short pagan erotic romance called Working Out The Kinks, was released with Rebel Ink Press, and another short called “Midnight Showing” is soon to be available the Naughty Nights Press anthology, A Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve.

So, below you will find a bit of info on each story along with a contest or a link to another giveaway for each book.

But, before that, let me just tell you that there are over a hundred blogs participating in this hop. So, check them all out at the blog of the creator of this hop, Drea Becraft, by clicking here.

What Are You Afraid Of? - A Children's Picture Book

“Why does the night have to be so dark?” the big dog named Drake gave a low bark.

Not everyone likes Halloween. In fact, the big dog named Drake is afraid of the costumes and the decorations and the dark. He really only likes the candy his boy drops.

Lucky for Drake, the old dog named Zoe is there to help him forget his fears with a fun game.

Drake and Zoe can’t wait for you to play along. 

If you would like to enter to win a Print copy of this children’s book, please like the book’s FaceBook Page where you can also find out more about the story. Then leave me a comment on this post telling me your favorite costume you wore trick or treating as a child. Make sure to leave me an email address in case you win!.

Happy Halloween!: A Treat For The Whole Family – An Multi-Author Anthology

This Halloween anthology has something for everyone! It's perfect for reading by the the fire with a cup of hot spiced cider in hand! All Hallow's Eve by Cathy MacKenzie perfectly sets the scene fior a spooky Halloween! A Halloween To Remember by AP Miller is a story of love, loss, and love refound that you won't want to miss. An Irish Halloween by Kiki Howell is a sweet tale of one woman's search for the parents who gave her up for adoption. But what she finds in Ireland is much more than she ever expected.

If you would like to enter to win a PDF copy of this anthology, please like my Author Facebook Page. Then leave me a comment on the post telling me a place you would like to visit on All Hallow’s Eve. Make sure to leave me an email in case you win!

Working Out The Kinks, a short pagan erotic romance story

Making an appointment with his ex-girlfriend under a fake name, David buys himself one hour to get her attention. Hoping to apologize and remind her of their time together, he intends to do whatever he has to in order to make Meredith, a practicing Wiccan, forgive him for being idiot enough to have listened to those around him and choosing his political aspirations over love.

Meredith is resistant to let David anywhere near her heart again. Desperate, David plays all his trump cards and suggests a sexual magick ritual which incorporates the BDSM lifestyle he and Meredith used to experiment with. The methods he uses may be unconventional, like sensory deprivation and sensation play intended to build trust and to achieve altered states of consciousness. But David is more than willing to do whatever it takes if he can just get Meredith to agree.

If you would like to enter to win a PDF copy of this short adult story, please like my Author Facebook Page. Then leave me a comment on the post telling me a costume you wish you could dress up in. Make sure to leave me an email in case you win!

A Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve – A Multi-Author Erotic Anthology

As well, as I said, I have a story releasing in the Naughty Nights Press A Wicked and Wanton All Hallow’s Eve Multi-Author anthology. There is a great contest going on now hosted by the publisher. So if you would like more information on this wonderful anthology and would like to enter a contest they are holding this week to win a copy, go to the Naughty Nights Press Blog.

Please feel free to comment to try to win all three books, just please leave separate comments to increase your chances of winning :) 

Thanks For Stopping By! And, Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Kiki: What is your favorite genre to read in, and what is it about that genre that attracts you to it? If you like a specific mix of genres, please state that particular combination.

Marie Treanor: I’m a terrible genre hopper, in reading as well as writing! I like paranormals, crime/suspense, historical, futuristic/sci-fi, steampunk…, both within the wider Romance genre and not. But I wouldn’t rule out any genre – if the story or the characters appeal to me, I’ll read it. In the case of paranormal, I suppose it’s the imaginative scope that attracts, and the endless possibilities for the kind of atmosphere you can lose yourself in – sheer escapism!

Kiki: What is your favorite author to read in that genre, and why? Also, please tell me a little about the best book by that author you have read.

Marie Treanor: Oh yikes, I’ve come up with too many genres! I’ll pick paranormal again, since it was first on my list J. I do change my mind periodically, but at the moment I’d say Marta Acosta because I love her combination of humour, romance and ingenious storylines. The best for me is probably Haunted Honeymoon, the last in the Casa Dracula series, just because it is the perfect ending - great fun and completely satisfying romantically.

The series is about a fun, sexy but mixed up literature graduate who inadvertently gets infected by a vampire during a moment of passion. Well, we all know he’s a vampire although he claims and apparently believes he has a rare, genetic disorder! Anyway, the books are all about her highly entertaining journey toward self-understanding, fulfillment, and true love, which isn’t necessarily where she wanted it to be at first. She’s a wonderful, quirky character – in fact, they all are! - and the final book contains everything I loved about the whole series (including the very sexy Ian!), plus some very moving scenes toward the end.

Kiki: Do you have a Favorite Book of All Time? Of course, please tell us what about that book makes it your favorite.

Marie Treanor: Hmm, I think it’s probably a historical novel by Scottish author Dorothy Dunnett, who wrote the Lymond and the House of Niccolo series. I loved both of these series, but the single novel that stands out for me is King Hereafter, a stand-alone book which re-tells the story of the real Macbeth – not the villain of Shakespeare but a strong man of his time who used the power he won to build a new and better country.

King Hereafter brings alive the historical settings and characters, the adventure, the politics, the brutality and sheer injustice; and yet through it all the main protagonists shine as real and great human beings. The love story between Macbeth and his wife is profound and moving, and although the tragedy is inevitable because we all know what happened to Macbeth, it still catches you up and makes you cry. The whole novel is like a cycle, ending on a note so touching that I still think about it years and years later!

Kiki: What is the best book you read last month, and would you recommend it to a friend?

Marie Treanor: That would be The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook – a fabulous steampunk world, wonderful characters, an exciting story and a sensual and moving romance. All told in a beautiful, unique style. I love it to bits and would highly recommend it to everyone!

Kiki: What are your reading habits like? For example, how many books do you read on average in a week, what format do you prefer to read in, what time of day do you read, and what setting is ideal for you to get lost in that book?

Marie Treanor: Like most things in my life, my reading habits are erratic and chaotic! Depending on what else is happening in real life and writing life, I might read two or three books in a week (more on holiday!). But sometimes I don’t manage to read any, or find myself struggling with the same book for several weeks – not because I don’t enjoy it but because the only time I get peace to read it is when I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open!

I have a Kindle, and read los of ebooks, but I also love physical, paper books. I haven’t tried audio books yet, but I’m thinking it might be a great way to do the housework without getting bored J.

I love reading in bed, or in the sun (usually a holiday practice!), but if the book’s good enough I can get involved in it anywhere – on trains and buses, sitting in waiting rooms,  in the living room with the tv blaring and the kids squabbling around me and my son’s band rehearsing loudly upstairs…

Kiki: If pressed, could you chose a favorite from the books you have written? Why is it your favorite?

Marie Treanor: I find it very hard to pick favourites! Like most writers, I think my favourite is usually the one I’m working on. Until it reaches a certain point in self-editing, of course, when I hate it as the worst thing I’ve ever done J.

But, maybe it’s Blood Eternal right now, because it is the finale to the Awakened by Blood series, and I’ve just realized how much I’m going to miss Elizabeth and Saloman! And their friends and enemies J.

Kiki: How do you become inspired to write?

Marie Treanor: Characters or stories just pop into my head. Sometimes they’re inspired by something I hear or read, or see on television; a face glimpsed on a train or in a film; an item on the News, an advertisement, a character from history. Anything can set it off! Usually, but not always, the character comes first and the story builds up around him or her.

Kiki: What part of the story do you think is your strength to write?

Marie Treanor: I’m told I’m good at natural dialogue. And some readers like my love scenes J

Kiki: Please share with ABA readers something I did not think to ask you about.

Marie Treanor: Hmm. I live in Scotland, at the seaside, with my husband and three kids?

Kiki: Okay, a few special October Questions….

Kiki: Favorite Costume?

Marie Treanor: I saw a really pretty, sexy witch’s costume once, all black and purple  lace… I wasn’t brave enough to try it on, though J

Kiki: Favorite Costume on the Opposite Sex:

Marie Treanor: Vampire!

Kiki: What do you think is the scariest costume?

Marie Treanor: There’s something about the Grim Reaper that is really chillingly creepy…

Kiki: What do you think is the sexist costume?

Marie Treanor: Ooh, vampire again J. Or the witch’s costume as above!

Kiki: Favorite Halloween movie?

Marie Treanor: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Kiki: Favorite Treat?

Marie Treanor: Cake!

Marie Treanor
~ Haunting Romance ~

BLOOD ETERNAL: Awakened by Blood, 3
The finale of the Awakened by Blood trilogy.

Secrets don't disappear after seduction...

Elizabeth Silk is struggling to reconcile her passion for the vampire overlord Saloman and her allegiance to the vampire hunters. When a shocking vampire revolt calls Saloman away from her, she refuses to follow him.

To make matters worse, Saloman’s beloved cousin Luk has been found and awakened by one of his greatest enemies. Frenzied with bloodlust, Luk embarks on a killing spree and prepares to expose Saloman’s biggest vulnerability: Elizabeth.

But under Saloman’s regime, vampires have become less concerned with secrecy, no longer willing to hide their power. Rumors are swirling about attacks on humans. After Saloman joins forces with the vampire hunters to consolidate his power, Elizabeth begins to understand her role in the inevitable collision of the two worlds. She could bring resolution between vampires and humans—if she can manage to stay alive long enough to play both sides….

Reviews of the Awakened by Blood books:

"sensual and thrilling, a wonderful combination of vampire myths old and new. Saloman and Elizabeth's relationship is both amazingly hot and terrifyingly complicated."--Michele Bardsley, national bestselling author of the Broken Heart series.

"A provocative read... witty, sensual and, sometimes, dark... Brimming with complex and compelling characters, sexual tension, danger, betrayal, emotional turmoil..." Romance Junkies.

"one of the best pieces of vampire fiction I have read in years... an intense read... In the ever-growing world of vampire romance, this one is a masterful new addition." Bitten by Books.

“a layered and beautiful read..." -  Lovin Me Some Romance.

"part romance, part paranormal, part Gothic, and all wonderful... Saloman is the best vampire in the romance genre...powerful, confident, murderous, and sensual." - Brazen Broads Book Bash.

"Beautifully worded... Unique plot twists... Steamy chemistry and passion-filled romance..." - Coffee Time Romance

"WOW! ...a fresh and intriguing plot.... an unusual romance featuring a remarkable couple" - Fresh Fiction.
Blog – Marie Treanor’s Romantic Theme Party: http://romanticthemeparty.blogspot.com/

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Review of “Halloween Fantasies” by Katie Salidas

Halloween Fantasies
By Katie Salidas
Genre: Erotic Paranormal

Touted as the sexiest party of the year, the annual Halloween Fantasy Ball is the one place a girl can let loose and succumb to her wildest fantasies.

Disguised as a sexy vampire huntress, Sasha captures the attention of Dante, a real life creature of the night. For Sasha, meeting bona-fide vampire is enough to fulfill one of her life long fantasies. She’s ready to go home a happy woman.

But Dante has other plans. It is after all, a night of fantasies, and he has a few of his own to share.

This Erotic Paranormal novella is approximately 20k words (80 printed
pages). It contains consensual M/F/M sexual situations.

Adult readers only.

My Review:
I am definitely already a fan of Ms. Salidas’ vampire stories, so I jumped at the chance to read this one given I just love Halloween too. I was not disappointed. Dante was real, and that’s what I have come to love about this author’s vampire tales.  Put his together with Sasha, the heroine, and they were just a perfect match. Sasha and Dante both had there faults as well there strengths, and I like that in a story. Don’t get me wrong though, he was a truly sexy alpha as well!

I was thrilled to that the story had so much seasonal atmosphere to it with the Halloween Fantasy Ball. I hate when holiday stories merely put the word in the title and tell you that is what say it is, maybe throw me a carved pumpkin in the corner or something. This one has a lot of atmosphere given the costumes and all.

Treat yourself this Halloween, adult style, some hot spiked cider and Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas!

Copyright © 2010 by Katie Salidas
Chapter Excerpt

Dante leaned into his brother’s ear. “You see, it’s a perfect package deal. Two beautiful females, just as I had described.”
A ginger-haired woman, in a witch costume, waved at them from across the room.
Trevor inclined his head, and a smile played across his face. “And which of the two beauties is mine for the taking?”
“You’re into costumes and games, right? Why not take the little witch for a ride on your broom?” Dante snickered. “She seems like she could be fun.”
“And that leaves the dominatrix for you?”
“Vampire huntress,” Dante corrected.
Trevor’s eyes lit up with amusement. “Oh, that is perfect.” He burst into laughter. “Mr. No Games wants to play with the vampire hunter.”
“I thought you would be amused by that.”
“Did she bring a stake?” Trevor clutched his stomach as he roared, unable to hold back the fit of laughter. “Or perhaps some holy water?” Tears welled in the corners of his eyes. He swiped them away with a quick brush of his hand.
“Go on then, get it all out of your system.” Dante didn’t bother hiding the aggravation in his voice. He didn’t care for his brother’s taunting, but he would endure it if it meant getting his way. He needed to separate Sasha from her friend if he wanted to have her for the evening. 
Trevor finally stopped laughing and straightened his face. “You know I prefer to pick my own prey, but seeing how you might be getting into the spirit of the evening, I’ll go along with this… on one condition.”
Dante arched an eyebrow at his brother. “What condition?”
“I want you to play a little game with me. Let’s make this a challenge.  No mind control. Tonight we work on charm and skill alone.”
Dante groaned. “I think that ridiculous Prince costume has gone to your head.”
Trevor smiled, flashing his brilliant white teeth. “I’m playing my part. It’s Halloween, a time to be someone or something different.”
“But I do not want to be Prince Charming. I like being a vampire.”
“That’s my point. You aren’t getting into the spirit of the evening. I want you to try and be something different tonight. Don’t just be a vampire. Be charming and have fun wooing a woman the old-fashioned way.” He folded his arms in front of his chest. “Unless you aren’t up to the challenge.”
His brother’s taunting set his teeth on edge. “You think I’m not capable of taking a woman’s vein and getting her in bed without mind control?” he asked with a snarl.
“I think you’re out of touch, yes.” Trevor matched Dante’s stern look. “Now, do you accept my challenge, or not?”
Dante turned to look back at the two women sitting at the bar. “I have no doubt I could have her within the hour… on skill alone.” He focused on Sasha, inhaling a deep breath as his eyes traveled the length of her body. He puffed his chest arrogantly. “She will be eating out of the palm of my hand, begging me to take her.”
“Well then, Casanova, shall we go meet our ladies?” Trevor held his hand out, pointing to the women.
Dante nodded, and the two brothers slowly made their way through the crowd toward the bar. 
As they approached, Dante’s eyes never left Sasha’s form, drinking in her tanned skin and lean body. He admired the way the leather pants clung to her long legs and the sensuous curve of her backside as she sat, perched on the bar stool. He imagined himself bending her over the side of a bed, kneading the soft flesh of her ass as he drove into her. His cock jumped to attention at the thought, filling his pants, pulling the denim taut over his waist.
“We meet again,” Dante said as they arrived at the bar.
Sasha looked up. Her long black hair, tied into a high ponytail, swung away from her neck as she turned to face him, revealing her tempting neckline.
His eyes zeroed in on her pulse. It beat with a tantalizing rhythm, calling to him. He enjoyed the way her body was already responding. This should be all too easy. He smiled, flashing his fangs at her.
“Oh… hi… uh, hello,” Sasha stammered, as if trying to find the right words to say.
Angela swallowed a gulp of her green beverage. “I see you found your brother.” She beamed a smile at him. 
“Yes.” Dante cleared his throat.  “Allow me to introduce Prince… er… Trevor.” He stepped aside and let his brother make his introduction.
Like a true gentleman, Trevor bowed low and then looked up to the two women. “A pleasure to meet you both.” He stood and took hold of Angela’s hand and brought it gently to his lips. “Especially you. Enchante, Madam witch.”
Angela giggled girlishly, and a smile spread wide across her lips. “Oh. You are really playing the part tonight, aren’t you, Prince… Trevor, was it?”
“You can call me Charming if that fits better.” He winked.
“I just might,” Angela said.
“Would you care to dance, Milady?”
“How could I resist?” Angela jumped to her feet.
Dante let out an exasperated sigh and then turned away from the garish couple to focus on his prize—Sasha. “Is the offer to join you still open?”
Sasha smiled and pointed to the recently vacated stool next to her. “Sure. Sorry I had to leave back there. I wasn’t trying to be rude. I just can’t seem to stand up very long. These shoes…”
Oh, I can think of a few ways to keep you off of your feet. Dante grinned. “It’s quite all right. We can finish our conversation here. Where did we leave off?”
Sasha took a quick sip from her drink. “I was telling you I would stake you if you tried to bite me.” She laughed and set the empty glass back on the counter. Her foot bobbed to the rhythm of the drum and bass beat.
 “Ah yes. I did want to take a little nibble.” He flashed his fangs at her and winked. “Even with the threat of being staked, it might be worth it. You look so tempting in that costume.”
A red flush hit her cheeks. Dante enjoyed the darkening of her skin and the rapid pulse that accompanied it.
Sasha looked down at the ground for a moment, her eyelashes fluttering as she blinked. “And I thought your bother was Prince Charming.”
 “You find me charming?” Dante laughed. “And I thought I was being a cocky rogue.”
Sasha cocked her head sideways. “The best rogues are the most charming.”
“Then I guess I am doing my job well.” He smiled wide and licked the tips of his fangs.
“You are entirely too sure of yourself.” She appeared as if she was trying to hide her excited expression, but it was revealed by a twinkle flashing in her pale blue eyes.
Feisty, I like that. Dante’s eyes roamed the length of her body, stopping at the small broken stick in her belt loops. The corner of his mouth rose in a crooked grin. “I’m intrigued by your choice of costume, Ms. Huntress.”
“It wasn’t my first choice, but it works.” She casually brushed her hair off her shoulder, allowing her ponytail to hang down her back. “It looks like you put a lot of effort into yours. Those teeth look so real and sharp.”
Dante was momentarily caught off guard watching the thump of her pulse beating just beneath the surface of her bare olive-skinned neck. He shook his head in a vain attempt to shake away thoughts of sampling her tempting flesh. “Forget about my teeth. Let me order you another drink, and you can tell me more about you.”

Thursday, October 20, 2011

GUEST POST: Mixing it up…by Sommer Marsden With Giveaway!

Mixing it up is a term that can mean fighting. That pretty much covers what I had to do with myself to mix genres. Mixing genres was something I was initially dead set against. See, paranormal scared me. I found there were too few rules. To many ways for me to trip myself up or sink my own damn battleship, if you will. I am not a world builder or a myth builder. It’s not how I’m wired. I do not have the patience for that sort of thing. I leave it for the pros. If you go and dig through the dried bones and carcass of my myspace page I bet you will find a blog that said writing paranormal terrified me.

Until it didn’t.

I started with ghosts (those eventually turned into the Seekers series). I was basically a ghost aficionado. I loved all things spiritual: angels, ghosts, Native American roots (I gots ‘em) and recognizing that the world is all in synch. I am a firm believer in the whole “Take what serves you and blow the rest away with a breath of kindness” dealio.

So I made myself a liar with the ghosts. Ghosts were fine. No big deal. But never ever, ya know, vampires or werewolves or that kind of stuff. Never.

I think I made myself a liar on that one with Base Nature. I do believe that was my first werewolf full length. I’d done one or two short stories for Ruthie’s Club then (Old Wives’ Tale and Wickedly Built) but those were just shorts. *snort* You can’t actually count them. Nor could you count my tale for RC called Marks. Hint. Vampire.

Because they were shorts—a blink of the eye, really—and did not count. Don’t even say I broke my own rule until…well, *sigh* Base Nature.

Seems I was less and less scared of scary things.

But okay. So I wrote a werewolf novel..so what? It’s not like I was working with zombies or anything. I don’t even like zombies. Zombies are animated dead things that run around biting people. So not sexy. Um…but I bet a good zombie exterminator or four would be hot. And they all are intertwined with sex and lust and love and partnership and a mission to save people from hungry undead things…Poppy and Garrity and Cahill and pretty Noah and…

Well, hell, I just wrote a zombie book, didn’t I? Okay, three of them! Do not judge me.

And somewhere in there, Ellis Bach popped into my head with all is big bad werwolfness. And Tyler Gent crept in, cold and sexy and so…well, kind of sweet in a searing wit kind of way. And then there was Ruby. Who couldn’t make up her mind and loved them both and wanted them both and got that shot. At having them both and…

So back to the no paranormal rule I had. Yeah, you can trash that. It’s kind of a moot point now. But I will absolutely never…*ahem*…ever do fairies.

Comment for a chance to win a pdf (or electronic format of your choice) of Big Bad and if you comment along every stop of the Big Bad Blog Bash, you can win Ruby’s socks (pictured on my blog. The tour schedule’s over there too.) Yay! J


Blurb for Big Bad:
Lust according to Ruby: 
You read those books where they explain it all away. They make it fine with rationalization. But what if I just want to? What if that's my whole reason? My life is not a romance novel. I don’t need justification. I’m a grown woman who knows what she wants. 

I want Ellis. And I want Tyler

And I won’t apologize...

What’s worse than wanting both your best friend who’s a vampire and the just-back-in-town alpha werewolf you find yourself fixated on? Finding out that the werewolf in question wants you, too. But he isn’t too keen on the sharing part. Oh, and by the way, you’re his dead mate.

Okay, okay, dead is harsh—reincarnated.

What’s worse than that? Realizing that you believe the whole crazy tale of reincarnation. Because it seems to be true.

And yet you still want them both—together. Vampire and werewolf and you in the middle. Stuck between two predators who want you and only you. To complicate it all, you find out that you can have it. With your new/old mate’s blessing. But just one time before he claims you as his. 

Are you brave enough to take it? That one shot?

Well...Are you?

Warnings: This title contains graphic sex and language, spanking, m/f/m sex, multiple partners.

Excerpt from BIG BAD
I opened my eyes and screamed. Then I hid under the blankets—quickly.
“Well that’s not a very nice hello,” Ellis Bach said.
“Oh my god. What are you doing here? What is he doing here?” I screamed to Tyler who I knew—thanks to his supersonic ears—would hear me no matter where he was.
Ellis laughed and the dark easy sound of it curled through me like smoke. I felt warm and horny and wet from that one single sound. Clearly I was insane.
“I smelled you,” he said.
I peeked out from under the blue and green plaid duvet. “Pardon?”
“I smelled you. I smelled your scent.”
I peeked so that only my eyes were visible to him. “Gee…that is…um, nice? Actually, I have to admit, it’s offensive. Because I immediately think you’re insinuating that I stink.” I blinked. “Which I might because I fell asleep before a shower and…” I petered off, unable to finish my own thought.
His dark blue eyes stared me down. His hair, a sandy color that made me think of long days in the summer sun, hung in his eyes and I wanted to touch it. It looked soft and I wanted to know if it was. “You do smell like sex,” he admitted.
I pulled the blanket back over my head. “Great.”
“But that’s probably because you and Tyler had sex, right?” He laughed again and it was all I had in me not to throw back the covers and attack him.
“Ugh. Yes, we did. But I wasn’t expecting visitors the moment I opened my eyes.”
“Hey, you wanted to meet him.” It was Tyler’s voice from the doorway. Full of humor and a bit of resentment if I was hearing it right.
“Not like this,” I growled and decided—fuck it—I pulled the covers down, covering my breasts and the rest of me but freeing my head and hair and shoulders. I did like oxygen, after all. I leveled my gaze at him—realizing on some level I was highly turned on by them standing there in the doorway, almost shoulder to shoulder, staring at me like they were hungry. “Why? Whywhywhy did you do this to me!”
“Not that I’d l normally defend my friend Tyler here, but I came up and knocked. I literally did smell you. And something about you smelled familiar and…” He cocked an eyebrow and I felt another irrational physical urge to touch him.
“And delicious,” he said and licked his lips. They were full and pink and his tongue was just a tad darker pink.
I said something like “Ugh” and he smiled. Tyler did not smile, though. Tyler glowered and clenched his fists. I remembered the feel of his lips and teeth on my inner thigh and a hot blush rose in my cheeks.
I saw his nostrils flutter just a bit as he caught the scent. Ellis grinned and cleared his throat. “She seems to be annoyed. And aroused if I’m not mistaken.”
Flex-flex-flex went Tyler’s long almost delicate hands.
“And I’m not mistaken,” Ellis said.
“I’d like to take a shower,” I said.
“By all means.” He stepped back so I could walk from the bed to the door unimpeded. But he didn’t leave.
“Ellis, get the fuck out of here.” Tyler didn’t look like he was finding any reason to be amused at the moment.
“You, too.”
They both stared at me then.
“What?” For the look on his face, Tyler looked like I’d staked him instead of asked him to leave.
“Both of you please,” I said softly. “I just feel…fragile,” I finished weakly.
“Fine,” he growled and turned to the door, yanking Ellis after him.
If Ellis had even had it in his head to stand his ground, there would have been no budging him without bloodshed. It was evident in his muscular frame and the way he carried himself. But he was playing along and he stumbled out into the hall along with my host.
I wrapped Tyler’s entire sheet around me and shuffled to his bathroom. I could feel them out there—or so I imagined—and when I stepped into the hot steam of the shower, my skin prickled like they could see me, too. I stood in that hot water forever, even once my hair was clean and I had rinsed and repeated. Finally, there was no denying it any more. I got dressed and went out to the kitchen where they sat in nearly angry silence, waiting.
For me.


Blurb for Lunatic Fringe:
Poppy's birthday should be a big, fun, sexy deal. And it is, until the zombie exterminators find out that the creepers in their neck of the woods happen to be switching the game up a bit. They have a new nifty trick that keeps them from being readily recognizable. Something poor Poppy is unlucky enough to find out on her morning run. She goes from fantasizing about her birthday foursome with the boys, to running home to spread the bad news of mutation.

Her big day is suddenly full of machetes, a lady from the CDC and news of a new vaccine that might—or might not—work. Lucky for Poppy the boys won't let the new turn of events ruin her birthday, they still take her where she needs to go. Because all four of them know, every day could be your last. Sadly, Garrity, Cahill and Noah can't control what happens next. Things change, possibly forever, for their little group of exterminators. And over the next few days Poppy realizes a few things with perfect clarity: she loves Garrity, the thought of losing one of the boys terrifies her, and she's completely at a loss when it comes to one of her own being threatened. It seems to be the one area in which she can't pull off the bad ass persona.
What will she do, she wonders, if their perfect group of four suddenly becomes a group of three? How will she survive?

Excerpt from LUNTIC FRINGE:

All the hair on the back of my neck stood up despite the lovely afterglow of Garrity sex.
I thrust my legs into some yoga pants and pulled on one of Garrity’s shirts that I’d stolen because it was so soft and even after washing it smelled like him. “Get dressed,” I said.
“Hey, the boys can—”
“I know they can,” I said. “But we need to get down there.”
“What’s up?”
“I have a bad feeling is all.”
Garrity opened the hamper and yanked out a pair of jeans and a Henley instead of going to our room to get clean clothes.
“Nice,” I snorted.
“Hey, I improvised.”
“So you did.” I grabbed my two brand new shiny sawed-offs and handed him one. “Here, because I am super duper nice.”
Moi?” he said with mock glee.
“Just because when that doorbell rang my stomach dropped. Take it and shut up about it.”
He kissed the side of my head. “Yes, ma’am.”
“You know it.”
We went downstairs together, each of us armed, guns loaded and cocked.
Cahill was by the front door. One of those old-fashioned deals to match our old-fashioned farmhouse. The wooden door had a large picture window of leaded glass. Curtains covered it to keep us private, but still when we looked out, whoever was out there could see in.
“I don’t want to open it until Poppy has a gander at her,” Cahill said. “After what happened this morning.”
“Good call,” Garrity said, right on my heels as we hit the bottom of the steps.
Noah walked in holding a nifty little sword he’d picked up online. It was shiny and pretty and had a stylized hilt and yet…functional as all get out.
“Ready?” Cahill asked.
I took the other side of the door and he unlocked it, swinging it wide. We faced the woman on our porch through the screen door. Which really, if you think about it, is not much of a barrier if someone wants to eat you.
I pushed the barrel of the gun to her through the screen and though she flinched, her big brown eyes found mine and she said, “Pleases hurry up and let me in.”
I eyed Cahill. “She’s speaking. The one on my run didn’t speak.”
“Put your hand up to the screen,” Garrity told her.
She did it and he pushed his hand to hers through the fine mesh. Then he leaned in and smelled her. “Feels fine, smells fine, no change.”
“What’s your name?” I demanded, my hand on the simple hook-and-eye lock but not moving. I wasn’t convinced yet.
“Sandra Lynn Baker,” she said. I could hear the fine tremor in her voice and recognized a woman trying to keep herself under control when I saw one.
“Why are you here?”
“I’m with the CDC, and we are going around talking to the exterminators in the area about some new developments in—”
“Pull her in,” I said to Cahill, and I popped the lock. I yanked the door open, and he took her arm and tugged Ms. Baker in.
“Oh!” she said and stumbled over the threshold.
I locked the screen and then the door and nodded to Garrity. He caught my look and said, “How about some coffee, Ms. Baker?”
“Oh, um, sure.” She smiled at me, but I must have unnerved her. So her eyes roamed, settling on Noah—pretty, pretty Noah—and she smiled at him. When he smiled back, she seemed to relax some.
I have an effect on women and Noah has the opposite. I weird them out, and he soothes them. It’s a good system.
“Let’s go. In the kitchen, please,” I said. “I have a feeling I know what you’re going to say.”
She followed Noah, and I followed her, and Cahill brought up the rear. He put his hand to my low back as we walked, ushering along with a light touch. I might have been torqued up from anticipating this little talk, but that touch made my body rush with heat and blood. I had a brief wishful mental image of the four of us together in bed and felt myself blush.
“Try to focus, Poppy,” he said, chuckling softly. “We’ll have time for all those dirty thoughts later.”
How did he do that? How? “What—” I started to pretend I had no idea what he was talking about, but he said, “Body language” in a way that made it impossible to argue.
Instead, I just blew out a sigh and went into the kitchen.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I have on author Drea Becraft, who has brilliantly combined the always interesting author written guest post and the informative author interview by interviewing herself. I mean how much more author by author can you get? I’m thinking of making this a regular feature here :) Thanks for being on today...take it away, Drea!

Questions about book:
What inspired this story?
It started like pretty much all my books as a snippet of a dream and grew from there.  When I heard Rebel Press Ink was putting out a call for a cougar story I went ahead and tweeked it to become a cougar story.  Which wasn't as easy as it seemed seeings how I am still young myself lol.
What was your favorite part of the book to write - the beginning, middle, or ending?
I would have to say the end there is nothing like that thrill you get when you know the first stage of the writing project is done.
Is there a message in your book that you want the reader to grasp?
Age matters not in the feelings of the heart.
Formal Questions:
How long have you been a author?
My first book was published February of this year and I have had five releases since then and there is no looking back for me lol.
Whats the biggest surprise you've discovered about the writing process?
That you have just about as much promo time as writing time to invest with each book.  Really I never knew there was so much that needed to be done on that end of the process.
Do you have any other upcoming releases or projects?
My next book coming out on December 1st is called The Real Saint Nic and if you can't guess by the title its a christmas story. 
Here is the blurb:
Aimee’s life changed one night, not long ago, when she staked a vampire to save another. Still reeling from that life changing night, Aimee decides to go home with Brenda, her best friend, for the holidays. She never expected Brenda’s brother, who comes off more like the Grinch then Santa, to have so many saint like qualities. Years spent alone, with no family or friends, plays heavy on her mind but Nic could possible be the one who changes it all.
Christmas has always been a sore spot for Nicolai. He’s the real saint Nic, but society has him all wrong. He’s no saint. In truth, he’s a vampire. Over the centuries, Nic has spent the holidays fighting off the ridicule from his younger brother and giving to those less fortune, not seeing his own worth. Until one mortal, brought home by his sister Brenda, changes the holiday and his outlook on life for eternity.
Is it possible that Nic has finally found his Mrs. Clause? When worlds meld, can Aimee find the happy ever after she once asked Santa for so many years ago, or is she doomed to spend forever lonely on Christmas?
Where can readers find you?
Quickest and easiest way to find all of my sites and books is by visiting my website http://dreabecraft.com
Fun Questions:
What do you do to recharge your batteries?
Read!  That is when I get a chance between cleaning, cooking, and taking the kids to all their functions.
Whats the one thing you can't write without?
My computer lol.  Really I don't have any habits like listening to music or anything.
If you could choose anywhere in the world to set up your desk and write, where would you like it to be? Whats so special to you about this place?
A house in the country.  I love being out in the middle of nowhere have ever since I was a kid.
Who is on your "keeper" shelf?
Oh man too much to name.  Hell I have two tubs and two book cases double stacked full of books.  And lets not forget Dirty Demon Boy [Kindle Yeah I named him lol] is loaded to the gills lol.
What are you reading now?
I am in the middle of a review books so I rather not say until its up to be seen on the site.
Buy Links:

~*Blurb Timing Is Everything*~

Mandy only wanted one thing in life–to have a family. With no other options available to her, Mandy seeks out to adopt a child to call her own. Then a favor for a friend turns her world upside down and inside out.
Dmitri is on a mission to expand his business, but when his ex drops their baby on his doorstep for him to raise, Dmitri’s plans start to venture into unknown territory. If it weren’t for Mandy, his whole world would be in shambles.
Both Mandy and Dmitri have their own crosses to bear but Dmitri can’t imagine life without her. In a situation neither of them planned on, can they get past their differences and find happiness together?


“I have eight hours before we leave.”
“It takes at least an hour to get there, add in the cavity search you have to go through, and baggage check and you’re going to be lucky if you make it on time if you leave right now.” As if on cue the buzzer arming the front doors went off as Tim’s face filled the small screen in the corner of Sasha’s desk. “Looks like hubby’s here so time to go.”
“If you need anything you’ll call me, right?”
“Not unless there isn’t other option.”
“You can call me anytime.” At the door Sasha entered her pin number into the key pad and pushed the door open slightly.
“It’s your honeymoon. Go have fun and don’t worry about work. Everything’s under control.” Making a shooing motion with her arms, Mandy smiled at Tim as he opened the door and stuck his head in giving her a wink.
“You heard the woman, it’s our honeymoon. Besides, I plan on keeping you too busy to even remember your name, let alone who you work for.” Kissing his wife on the cheek before grabbing her hand, Mandy watched as the two left the office without another word.
Despite her anger over the wedding she should’ve been at, Mandy really did like Tim. The love he showed for her friend was one she envied and hoped some man would share with her one day. Until then she’d watch the love those two shared and be as happy as she could for them both.
Hours later Mandy sat at her computer when the buzzer filled the office. Turning to look into the monitor, the site of a lady with a carrier filled the screen. Pushing the button to allow her to enter, the cries of a baby filled the office before either mother or child entered the space. Once inside Mandy was struck by the site of the woman as the door closed behind her.
“Can I help you?” Raising up from behind the desk, Mandy looked down at the baby covered in a pink blanket.
“Yeah, I’m here to drop this off.”
“Sure, I can take that envelope for you.” Holding out her hand for the envelope in the woman’s hand, Mandy waited patiently for it to be handed over.
“Not the envelope you twit, the baby.” Lifting the carrier up onto the counter, the woman set the envelope on the desk beside it.
“Excuse me? Did you just say the baby?”

In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Kiki Howell of An Author's Musings, would like to advise that in addition to purchasing my own books to review, I also receive books, and/or promotional materials, free of charge in return for an honest review, as do any guest reviewers.